Sunday, 28 November 2010

Phoenix Park in Christmas mood

When I decided to move back to Dublin, and while searching for a place to live, one of my biggest wishes was to live close to Phoenix Park. This massive park, one of the biggest urban parks in Europe, is a fantastic place to go for a run, which I usually try to do every week.

It is also home to a herd of wild Fallow Deer since the XVII century, and I've had previous encounters, especially since I tend to go for a run late in the evening, when the park is almost deserted and the deer venture forward to gaze on fresh grass. Quite a few times I have come upon herds without noticing until I'm right on top of them.

Today I went for the usual run, and since it had been snowing all weekend, I decided to bring my camera with me. I was not disappointed! The photos are dark and a bit far, as I didn't want to disturb them by getting close and using a flash. Another beautiful encounter, and a great motivation to go for a run in such cold weather.

The Wellington Monument