Friday, 17 December 2010

A Charitable Weekend

With the cold that's been around this part of the world, the last thing you'd plan on doing in a weekend would be to swim in the Irish Sea. And yet that's exactly what I set out to do with a few friends from work, in support of the Special Olympics organisation. Nothing too hard: get there, undress, dive in, get out, get dressed. Easy, right?

Eoin once again showed the way, diving in without thinking about it. Erik cautiously followed, leaving me to whimper a bit, before finally taking the plunge:

Looking back, it really wasn't that hard, and was quite refreshing. But the water really was freezing, so much so that once outside, we barely felt cold.

Sunday was the second charity event, this time in support of the Irish Heart Foundation. Up early Sunday morning (way too early for my taste), we put on Santa Suits, and went to North Bull Island, where we ran a 10k race, dressed as Santa. A crowd of Santa running along the beach, had to be seen to be believed:

Dan, Eoin, Erik and me

All this combined with heavy Christmas partying in between, did leave me with a nasty cold. But it was real fun, and definitely worth it!