Saturday, 5 December 2009

The new Eiffel tower show

The Eiffel tower is 120 years old. To commemorate this fact, there's a new light show going on, at the usual hourly times (between 8pm and 11pm), until the end of December 2009.

It all starts rather familiarly, with the traditional golden light being sprinkled with scintillating white lights on the hour.

Soon the new show starts, however. First the golden light goes off, leaving the tower scintillating in the dark.

That is followed by a fantastic show of ever changing colours, gradients, strobing rainbows... The photos don't really do the show any justice, you have to see it while you still can.


DoCeu said...

Podem não fazer jus, mas estão munta nice
"While you can"? Que piadinhas baratas são essas?!...

Миша said...

Por acaso até nem foi, este espetáculo acaba no final de Dezembro... (-: